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Rolex Repair Service

Rolex Repair Service

At WatchGuys, we place customer trust first. If your Rolex has taken damage and you're looking for watch repair near me, your search has ended. Here at WatchGuys, it's our mission to provide the best place for everything to do with used Rolex watches. We're a trusted brand for a reason, and our world-renown speaks volumes so that we don't have to.

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Why Choose Us

As one of the nation's leading buyers of pre-owned Rolex watches, we know what we're doing. Our reputation is one we've built over three decades. And as resellers of used watches, we know more than a thing or two about watch repair.

When you choose WatchGuys, you're getting all of the following and more:

  • More than 30 years of experience in the industry
  • A proven track record of excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Certified, professional watchmakers who treat your Rolex with the respect it deserves
  • A state of the art workshop outfitted with the latest, professional-grade equipment
  • Fast turnaround times (7-10 business days)
  • Full transparency with no hidden fees
  • 100% original replacement Rolex parts

Rolex Watch Repair - Mail-In Your Rolex Online

We offer a full range of services for Rolex repair and overhaul servicing. Whether you need parts for your Rolex or a simple polish, we can do it all. Our headquarters are located in Downtown Los Angeles, for customers who are not located in Los Angeles we also offer Rolex Repair New York, Rolex Repair Chicago, Rolex Repair Houston and many other major cities with our Rolex Repair mail-in program. Once you fill out the form above a WatchGuys representative will contact you to help you ship your watch. We will provide a free shipping label insured up to $25,000 for customers located outside of Los Angeles. Our turnaround time for out of state customers should not exceed 7-10 business days, unless otherwise stated.

Rolex Repair Services Offered

  • Full Watch Overhaul
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Band Repair/Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Bezel Replacement
  • Crystal Polishing/Replacement
  • Dent Removal
  • Dial Replacement/Refinishing
  • Engraving Removal
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Restoration of Vintage Watches
  • Stem & Crown Repair
  • Water Resistance Testing
  • Rolex Bracelet Repair

How Often Do I Need to Service My Rolex?

Naturally, how often you service your Rolex depends on several factors:

  • How often do you wear the luxury watch?
  • How careful are you when handling your Rolex?
  • How long has it been since your Rolex was last serviced?
  • Is your Rolex a first, second, or third-hand watch?
  • How much do you want your Rolex to be in prime condition?

It's a matter of choice: How you treat your watch, and how much you want it to say about you. A pristine, vintage Rolex says a lot. With that in mind, it is recommended that you service your Rolex watch every 5 years on average to maintain its factory quality. That's why we highly recommend hiring a certified Rolex repair professional to do the work. It may seem trivial, but luxury watches are elaborate devices that require years of dedication to master:

  • Professionals are experienced watchmakers with a steady hand and a knack for intricate repair work
  • Repairing your Rolex watch requires top-of-the-line tools
  • Lower quality repair work damages the integrity and longevity of your Rolex watch

Steps During Servicing Your Rolex

1. Examination of Your Watch

We will provide you with a quote from our watchmaker which you can approve. Once approved, the service will begin.

2. Prepping Your Watch for Service

The movement has been removed from the case where the bracelet has already been removed. Movements, cases, and bracelets follow separate paths during maintenance and are reassembled at the end of the process.

3. Movement Dismantling

The movement will be disassembled, and all parts carefully checked. Any parts that no longer meet Rolex requirements will be replaced. 

4. Thorough Cleaning, Reassembly and Lubrication

Each component is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to remove all traces of contaminants. After drying the cleaned components, the movement is completely rebuilt and oiled. Our watchmaker makes the first modifications to the movement's precision in accordance with the brand's accuracy criteria.

5. Repolishing and Reassembly of the Case

This delicate process requires great dexterity and care since the middle case, the bezel, the case back, and the bracelet all must be repolished or satin-finished according to their original finishes. The case pieces are reassembled and the seals reinstalled after they have been cleaned and polished. Waterproofing is checked on the case afterward as well. 

6. Placing the Movement Back in the Case

After our watchmaker has completed thorough technical and aesthetic tests on all of these aspects, the movement is placed back into the case.

7. Precision Test for Accuracy

Our watchmaker examines the chronometric precision of the movement once more after casing it and makes any last modifications required to satisfy Rolex specifications.

8. 24-Hour Performance Test

Your watch is put through another Rolex-specific test that lasts at least 24 hours to ensure the movement's longevity.

9. Waterproof Test

Your watch will be pressure-tested in water to ensure it is watertight, and the bracelet will be reattached to the case.

Vintage Watch Repair

Before you Google "watch repair shop near me" and head down to your local Rolex Service center, there's something you need to understand about Rolex service doctrine. At authorized Rolex centers, Rolex will completely replace the parts in your watch when servicing or repairing your watch. This is because Rolex has a laundry list of standards - and a narrative to maintain.

Rolexes are built to be the best on the market. They're tough, tested by extreme stress. They're waterproof. They're crafted with the skilled hands of an artisan, and their legacy is known across the world. They're worth their weight in gold, and this means that Rolex doesn't care about the vintage of your timepiece: They care that it continues to market their brand.

In other words, if you want to preserve the vintage value of your timepiece, a visit to a Rolex service center is a bad idea. Preserving its vintage esteem is something that you can't put a price on... And a private specialist like us at WatchGuys knows and values vintage. We know how to repair parts without replacing them.

Watch Band Repair

The watchband is a crucial part of the watch. And besides the watch cover, it's one of the most likely parts to sustain damage. While many bands attached to your Rolex look similar, there are dozens of types for every eye.

The four basic watch band types are:

  • President
  • Jubilee
  • Oyster
  • Pearl Master

If your Rolex needs a watch band repair near me, then WatchGuys is right for you. We don't just service the watch mechanism but have all the tools and replacement parts on-hand for your Rolex watch band. No matter the shape or size of your wrist.

Do You Offer Rolex Watch Crystal Repair Service?

Yes! Acrylic crystal scuffs easily - but in most cases, it can be polished with professional tools to remove the scuff and return it to its former glory. However, if the crystal is sapphire, it will need to be replaced with a new genuine Rolex crystal.

Do Rolex Watches Have Batteries?

No. Modern Rolex watches do not have batteries and watch battery repair isn't necessary because of how they work. A modern Rolex watch is powered by a self-winding mechanism that is wound by the movement of the wearer's body. The watches contain an oscillating weight inside them that moves back and forth as you move your wrist. This weight winds itself without any help from you.

It's a sublime mechanism, but it isn't a perpetual motion machine: If you notice that your watch isn't keeping time or is running slow, it may be because it needs to be wound manually. The crown on a Rolex watch can be turned in either direction to wind or unwind it. You should only turn it one way to avoid damaging your watch's internal mechanisms.

Rolex OysterQuartz Watch Battery Repair

The Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust and Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date is the only quartz watch made by Rolex. This model was introduced in the 1970s and production stopped in 2001. If you own a Rolex Oysterquartz and need a battery replacement please contact us by filling out the form on this page.

    Places That Repair Watches Online

    Your Rolex watch is your pride and joy. It is status, and excellence rolled into one that you carry around with you on your wrist. And why would you forfeit that luxury for longer than you have to? It's simple - you shouldn't. That's why we pride ourselves on one of our greatest assets:

    Our turnaround time!

    Most watch repair services take up to a month to repair a Rolex watch. Some take even longer. But at WatchGuys, we will have your Rolex serviced and repaired within 14 days.

    WatchGuys Rolex Repair Service Center

    Leave the Rolex watch repair to the professionals at WatchGuys. Your Rolex is a delicate and exquisite item, and it demands the finest touch to care for it. Now that you have all the information you need, contact WatchGuys by filling out the watch repair form on this page or by sending us an email to sales@watchguys.com. If you require immediate assistance please call us at (213) 302-4400.


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