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Rolex Day-Date

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About Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date is an iconic watch collection. Most people prefer buying this to present that they have accomplished access in their lives. The Rolex Day-Date is a favorite watch collection of multiple celebs and presidents, and that’s where the collection got its alternate name the Rolex President. Many people also consider Day-Date as a grail watch. Since the inception of the Day-Date collection in 1956, it has undergone multiple changes. Knowing about this in detail will let you understand things better.

The Rolex Day-Date was released in 1956 for the first time. The Rolex President has remained the signature status watch of the brand since then. The Day-Date has been crafted exclusively in precious metals. Only a few luxury wristwatches can come close to the excellence, timelessness, and prestige of Rolex Day-Date.

The Rolex Day-Date was the first watch collection with a day of the week written along with the date window. Band of the Day-Date collection was another hallmark of Rolex that gives this collection its name the Rolex President bracelet. The Rolex President bracelet is as popular as the Day-Date collection, featuring semi-circle links.

Thanks to the watch bracelet name and the watch worn by multiple United States Presidents, the watch gets its more common name, "President."

The Rolex Day-Date has become an ultimate symbol of status for many because of its exceptional precision and prestigious looks. Another most important thing about the Day-Date collection is that it’s multilingual. This feature enhanced the international appeal of the collection.

Popular Rolex Day-Date Models

The 1803 reference number of Rolex Day-Date is the most popular model with pie-pan style. This reference number was in production throughout the late 1960s to 1970s.

Rolex introduced Day-Date 36’ popular Bark versions from the 1970s to the 1990s. The middle links and bezels textures of these models made them stand out among others.

Day-Date 40 was introduced in 2015 that retained the classic portion of Day-Date 36 but with a slightly slimmer case.

Evolution of the Rolex Day-Date model

Day-Date is familiar for its exceptional precision, refinement, and prestige. Multiple Day-Date models have been a part of the collection for more than 60 years. Here is an ultimate Day-Date collection’s evolution timeline to understand the variations it has gone through:

  • Rolex launched its Day-Date watch with an exclusive president bracelet in 1956.
  • In the 1960s, the watch was advertised as President's Watch because United States President Lyndon B. Johnson wore a Day-Date.
  • Rolex introduced its quickset mechanical and quartz-powered Day-Date models in 1977. Both models are furnished with scratch proof sapphire crystals.
  • Rolex then introduced double quickset models of Day-Date in 1988.
  • A new collection with 41mm cases of Day-Date II was introduced in 2008
  • Rolex reintroduced the original Day-Date collection with 40mm case sizes and Caliber 3255.
  • In 2016, Rolex celebrated the 60th anniversary of Rolex President by introducing the green dial edition of Day-Date in white gold and Everose.
  • Rolex introduced the Day-Date 36 collection empowered with Caliber 3255 in 2019.

Rolex Day-Date Features


Rolex has adopted precious metals only to manufacture Day-Date. This collection represents style, comfort, class, and refinement. A selection of valuable metals has been used to craft the entire Day-Date collection. For Day-Date, Rolex has featured the following metals only:

  • 18k White Gold
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • 18k White Gold
  • Platinum

Some of these models are available with diamonds and other valuable gemstones.


Rolex Day-Date collection is available in entirely 4 different sizes only. These sizes include 41mm, 40mm, 39mm, and 36mm. Oyster quartz and Day-Date 36 models are available in 36mm cases. You can get a Masterpiece Day-Date collection with a 39mm Case size. The Rolex Day-Date 40 and Day-Date II feature 40mm and 41mm case sizes, respectively. Regardless of the case size, the Day-Date collection features a double waterproofness system that offers enhanced moisture and dust protection to the watches.


Generally, the Day-Date collection of Rolex features 4 different types of bezels.

  • Fluted
  • Smooth
  • Diamond
  • Bark

Fluted bezels are the most common bezel type on gold models, Platinum models feature smooth bezels. The platinum and white gold models look pretty similar due to silver tone. However, you can easily distinguish these models due to their bezel types. The white gold version features fluted bezels, and platinum models have smooth bezels.

Gem-cut bezels are available on selected platinum and gold models.


The Rolex Day-Date is the most varied collection in terms of its dials. The collection has a lucrative range of color options and a more exotic material selection. Rolex Day-Date watches are available in an extensive dial color range. These include:

  • Silver
  • Champagne
  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Ivory
  • Rose
  • Brown
  • White

Vintage Rolex Day-Date Models

Rolex Day-Date collection possesses multiple vintage models because of its long history. Vintage Day-Date models, particularly from the 1950s and 1960s, are popular among Rolex enthusiasts and collectors. Vintage models with gold editions are always on-trend.

For example, 18038, 6611B, and 1803 are the top of the most popular Rolex Day-Date vintage models. All these models offer luxe Rolex Day-Date style.

Celebrities Wearing The Rolex Day-Date

Although the Rolex Day-Date watch collection has its name due to the president bracelet, the name actually comes from US presidents wearing the Day-Date. The collection is equally popular among high-end celebs and influential people worldwide.

The fans of Rolex Day-Date also include some great names such as Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II, and Warren Buffett, among others. The list of celebrities wearing the Rolex Day-Date goes on and on:

  • Tony Soprano
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Justin Timberlake
  • President JFK
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Jay Z
  • etc.


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