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Rolex Watches

Founded in London in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Rolex is a renowned luxury watch manufacturer, celebrated for pioneering innovations with exceptional craftsmanship, precise engineering, and timeless luxury...

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Rolex Watches

Founded in London in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Rolex is a renowned luxury watch manufacturer,...

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About Rolex

The Rolex brand has had incredible success. Created in 1905, the company has thrived since. Then, in 1908, the brand became Rolex. In 1910, the Rolex watch became the first wristwatch to achieve the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. Later in 1914, Rolex also received the Class ‘A’ Precision Certificate from Kew Observation. Rolex has many firsts. In 1926, they had another first. They created the first waterproof case for wristwatches. Since then, Rolex has created some of the most luxurious watches. They have the most diverse collection of watches with a wide variety of sizes that work for anyone.

Rolex Patents and Innovations

Over the decades, Rolex has patented and innovated unique watch elements. This glossary unpacks some key terms. Then, it highlights what sets' Rolex's versions apart.

904L Stainless Steel - an alloy of steel and austenite. It's corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant. It's often used in aeronautics. Rolex uses the material to cultivate sleek designs that are cool to the touch.

Chronergy Escapement - In a watch, the escapement is the mechanism that drives the periodic pulse. Rolex's chronergy escapement modifies the original Swiss design. The wind lasts longer, and the time is precisely accurate.

Chromalight - A photoluminescent material. The blue glow makes the hands and numbers easily visible. It glows for up to eight hours, even in pitch darkness. It doesn't waste battery life. Instead, it's a stable phosphor that radiates light naturally.

Helium Escape Valve (HEV) - Rolex integrates its patented HEV into diving watches. Helium Escape Valves aid the watch as it returns from the high pressures of the deep sea. The HEV keeps it from bursting when it reaches the surface.

Hairspring (Syloxi) - The hairspring is part of a watch's internal wheel. This mechanism controls the speed of the watch's hand movement. Rolex's Syloxi is a silicon hairspring that's long-lasting, small, and accurate.

Oyster Case - Rolex built its reputation on its Oyster Case. This casing waterproofs watches, no matter how deep one plunges it into the ocean. Rolex's oyster case drew international headlines when an Englishwoman swam the English Channel and her Rolex stayed intact the whole time.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection is a unique line. Yet, most models in the Professional Collection use "Oyster Perpetual" as a prefix. The iconic seal is a core part of Rolex's esteemed status.

Rolex Style and Aesthetic Elements

Rolex watches use a variety of aesthetic elements to communicate luxury. The different versions of these features speak to different spirits and perhaps different eras. Explore how each trait impacts a model's style.

Rolex Watch Complications

Rolex watch faces display different information on different models. Each face is forged from top-tier materials. The design of the background and the hands on each model speaks to its era and functionality. Rolex watches can display an array of information, including:

  • Date
  • Chronograph (timer)
  • Two time-zones (simultaneous)
  • True north
  • Pressure gauge
  • Current moon phase
  • Annual Calendar

Rolex Dials

A Rolex watch's dial is the interface between its movement and the wearer. Crafting this small, critical piece is a cultivation of many arts. A dial might glint in the sun or maintain cool confidence. Consider these options:

Indexes are the marks that the watch's hands point to. Designers set them in intervals around the face's circumference. Rolex offers these index options:

  • Index hour markers
  • Gem-set hour markers
  • Roman numerals
  • Arabic numerals
  • Dot markers

Rolex Bracelets and Straps

Rolex watches offer bracelet and strap options that keeps your watch secure while communicating sophistication. Options include:

  • Oyster bracelet
  • President bracelet
  • Jubilee bracelet
  • Pearlmaster bracelet
  • Oysterflex
  • Leather strap

Rolex Bezel

The bezel is the ring of the watch and it may bear well-set gems and crystals. Rolex has designed the following bezels for different models. Choose from these designs:

  • Smooth
  • Fluted
  • Professional
  • Cerachrom (Ceramic)
  • Gem-set

Rolex Watch Materials

Rolex only uses the finest materials: gold, platinum, and oystersteel. Oystersteel is a unique alloy that's corrosion-resistant. No matter the material, their design process only allows for excellence.

Rolex Watch Models

For the past century, Rolex developed three distinct luxury watch lines. You'll discover each collection takes the brand's high standards to different, luxury ends. Which line speaks to you?

Rolex Professional Models

The Rolex Professional Collection is the watchmaker's most notable line. Professionals can wear each of these luxury pieces and rest assured they'll keep time no matter how extreme conditions get.

Ever since Mecedes Gleitze swam the English Channel with a Rolex on her wrist, the Professional collection has been synonymous with functional supremacy. Consider these collection highlights.

Submariner - The Rolex Submariner is divers' most trusted brand and model. For half a century, it has set the standard for all other diving watches. The sleek design is waterproof up to 300 feet down.

Datejust & Oyster Perpetual - The Rolex Oyster Perpetual & Rolex Datejust Collection uses patented oyster seal technology to elevate the highest caliber materials to a level of beauty and function.

Daytona - Rolex Daytona models are inspired by speed. The most recent model is the Cosmograph Daytona. Its sweep seconds' hand tracks time down to one-eighth of a second. And, it's the first piece where you can start the chronograph with a vertical clutch.

GMT-Master - The GMT-Master is for the sophisticated world traveler. Its face displaces two time zones on one elegant surface. Rolex unveiled the first GMT-Master in 1955. Since then, it's been the go-to status symbol for international business leaders.

Air-King - The Rolex Air-King is for aeronauts of discerning taste. It enables navigational time-readings. Moreover, engineers created unique features so it thrives in the skies—from cold-temperature functionality to air-pressure resistance.

Milgauss - The Rolex Migauss is a watch for the discerning scientist. It's the first luxury timepiece with anti-magnetic properties. With its clean lines and evocative shape, the time stays right in magnetic fields up to 1000 gauss.

Explorer - The Explorer is for adventures. Whether you're scaling the highest peaks or you're macheting through the jungle, this watch has you covered. The Rolex Explorer models are the only luxury watches designed to withstand extreme temperatures and air pressure fluctuations.

Yacht-Master - The Yacht-Master boasts a distinguished marine character. Its chromalight technology and refined regatta timer make it the top choice for sailors. Its compass points true north no matter how you sail.

Sea-Dweller - Rolex designed the Sea-Dweller for masters of the deep sea. This diver's watch is waterproof down to 4000 ft below sea level. The Deepsea edition withstands water and pressure over two thousand fathoms deep.

Sky-Dweller - Beloved by frequent travellers all over the world the Sky-Dweller features two time zones and has an annual calendar which automatically knows the difference between a 30 and 31 day month. One of Rolex's most complicated watch.

Pearl-Master - The Pearlmaster is the proverbial "pearl in the oyster" of the collection. Every surface of the timepiece is paved with diamonds. Each jewel is placed by master craftsmen into precise 18k gold settings.

Rolex Sizes

Cellini Dress-Watch Collection

Rolex's dress-watch collection arrives later on the scene. In 1970, designer Rene-Paul Jeanneret approached Rolex with a concept for dress watches. These pieces would use a leather strap bracelet instead of metal.

The Cellini Collection never caught fire the way other collections did. Still, you can find three models of these beautiful dress-watches:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Moonphase

The Moonphase design depicts the passing of the moon in real-time. Meanwhile, the Cellini Date pays tribute to history with a guilloche dial.

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Rolex Prices

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