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Rolex GMT-Master

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About Rolex GMT-Master

Rolex is one of the leading brands in the luxury watches market. When it is about a luxury watch collection that combines real-life practicality with a sleek appearance. Then Rolex GMT-Master always tops the list.

Although GMT-Master was firstly released as a primary watch for commercial pilots. However, at present, GMT-Master has become one of the most desirable sports watch collections to own and collect.

The history of GMT-Master all started when Pan Am in the 1950s approached the brand. Pan Am asked Rolex to design a watch that could display their pilots' second zone of time.

  • Rolex unveiled its GMT-Master creation in 1955 with ref. 6542. This reference number featured stainless steel case of 38mm without crown guards, a black dial, dual-directional rotating bezel, and hour markers for ensured legibility. The red and blue bezel insert of ref. 6542 has mechanical movement (self-winding) and 24-hr marking

  • Over the years, GMT-Master evolved tremendously and developed a strong audience beyond just the aviation crowd. Rolex improved the collection's core design with each new reference number.

  • In 1959, Rolex launched ref. 1675 with 40mm case size having crown guards. This reference number featured the COSC-certified movement.

  • Rolex later launched 16750 featuring a double water-resistant case to 100m in 1981. Due to the new movement, Rolex added a quickset date feature in this ref.

  • In 1989, Rolex brought its ref. 16700 with white gold indexes and sapphire crystal on its dial. This ref was the last in its dual-time models discontinued in 1999.

  • Rolex debuted its GMT-Master II in 1982 to enhance its original pilot watches versions. The brand features new movements, bezels, redesigned dials and more functionalities in its latest versions.

Popular Vintage Rolex GMT-Master Models

GMT Master’s very first yet rarest ref. 6542 refers to vintage GMT watches’ Holy Grail. This vintage model also has its nickname Pussy Galore. While the red and blue bezel of ref. 6542 gave it the nickname "Pepsi." This vintage model has been in production since 1959. Although the model is out of reach for many collectors, it’s fun to admire searching for it on the secondary market.

Ref. 1675 is another trending model introduced in the 1980s. This ref. has the longest-running GMT-Master model in the history of Rolex. Ref. 1675 is more popular among classic watch enthusiasts because of its design and 3075 movements with higher-beat cal. Its bronze bezel version was nicknamed Root Beer.

Ref. 16750 is the next vintage model of the Rolex GMT-Master collection. This was launched in 1981 following the long-run ref. 1675 manufacturing. Coke was the nickname of this ref. Model. The case size of this ref. remained the same as in its previous version. However, the water resistance gets doubled to 100m. Caliber 3075 runs in this vintage model. It also includes a 28,800 bph frequency rate with a quickset date feature.

These vintage models are favorites of many Rolex enthusiasts and collectors.

Rolex GMT-Master Features

Do you want to know what makes GMT-Master one of the most popular Rolex collections? Let’s have a look at the key features of GMT-Master below to know things better:


Over the years, both five-link Jubilee and three-link Oyster bracelets have been available in GMT-Master collections. The GMT-Master bracelets where available in stainless steel, solid gold, and two-tone gold and steel variations are based on certain models.

Rolex has also launched Oystersteel versions equipped with the oyster and jubilee bracelets in 2019. Oyster bracelets are also available in Yellow Gold, Everose Rolesor, Everose Gold, and White gold version.


The Rolex GMT-Master materials is one of the most varied collections of Rolex. GMT-Master has been made with a complete yellow gold version, yellow Rolesor, and stainless steel in its classic model variations.

However, Rolex used Oystersteel, Everose Rolesor¸ Yellow Rolesor, and Rolesor gold in the updated version the GMT-Master II. You can even find some rare models of GMT-Master made of solid gold and paved with diamonds and other valuable gems such as sapphire and rubies.


The layout of the GMT-Master collections dial is similar to other professional watch models offered by Rolex. GMT-Master collection features a mix of triangle, rectangular, and round hour markers with hands in Mercedes style. All of these are coated with luminescence to enhance the legibility of the dial, even in low light.

Even more, the dial also features a 24-hr arrow-tipped hand on its dial. The date screen is available at the 3 o'clock position with an affixed Cyclops lens for magnification.

The majority of GMT-Master dials are dials are black. However, Rolex also has a few other exclusive designs in this collection, including silver and champagne with ruby and diamonds paved at hour markers also known as "Serti". This collection also has brown dials, full diamond-paved dials, and bright-green edition.


The most recognizable GMT-Master bezel is its 24-hour marked, bi-directional rotating bezel. Most of the bezels in this collection feature two colors for enhanced aesthetics and to increase their functionality. Because two colors are used to differentiate between nighttime and daylight hours.

It is often said that bi-color bezels original concept was just to match the aviation theme.

The first reference of GMT-Master came with a red and blue bezel. However, over the years, bezel inserts of GMT-Master evolved in terms of colors and materials. Initially, Rolex claimed that creating dual-color ceramic bezels was impossible. With the brand's commitment to innovation and technology, two-color bezels eventually joined the collection as Coke (Red and Black), Pepsi (Blue and Red), Root Beer (Brown and Black), and Batman (Blue and Black) editions.


Various watches of the collection are powered by different automatic mechanical movements throughout GMT-Master history. However, the coupled 2-hour and 24-hour hands-on collection allowed the wearers to display two-distinct time zones simultaneously. The collection also offered doubled waterproofness.

Celebrities Wearing The Rolex GMT-Master

GMT-Master is an ultimate collection for frequent travelers and the aviation industry. Besides that, multiple celebs also favor GMT-Master watches. Some of these popular celebrity names include:

  • Adam Levine
  • John Mayer
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Daniel Craig
  • Brad Pitt
  • Marlon Brando
  • Tom Selleck
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Keanu Reeves, and many others.

Overall, enhanced reliability, accuracy, and practical features make the Rolex GMT-Master one of the most sought-after Rolex collections.

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