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Rolex Bracelet Repair

What is Rolex Bracelet Repair

Rolex bracelet repair is a specialized service that addresses issues with the bracelet of your Rolex watch. This includes repairing or replacing damaged or worn links, clasp adjustments, and refinishing services to restore the bracelet's original look and functionality. At WatchGuys, we ensure that every aspect of the bracelet repair upholds the integrity and quality of your Rolex.

Types of Rolex Bracelet Repair:

  1. Rolex Bracelet Stretch/Sag Repair - this includes the service of restoring and tightening the links on your Rolex bracelet. This will give the bracelet less sag.
  2. Rolex Link Replacement - this includes the service of adding or removing links. Please contact us if you would like to purchase additional links.
  3. Rolex Bracelet Polish - this includes the service of polishing your Rolex bracelet to remove buffs or scratches.

Why is My Rolex Bracelet Stretched

Over time, the links of a Rolex bracelet can stretch due to regular wear and tear. This is common in older or heavily worn watches and is typically seen in the Oyster or Jubilee bracelets. The stretching happens as the pins and holes in the bracelet's links gradually wear down, causing them to fit more loosely. 

If this has happened to your Rolex bracelet, do not worry, our team would love to repair your bracelet to restore its tightness. This is a common occurrence over time with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets due to regular wear. Fortunately, we can help restore your bracelet to its original tightness, making it feel brand new again.

The Rolex Bracelet Repair Process

Our experienced watchmakers will examine your bracelet to determine if a repair can be done. In most cases, we're able to restore your worn Jubilee, Oyster, or even Presidential bracelets. However, it's important to note that this process can take between 1 to 2 weeks. It is a meticulous task, requiring our watchmakers to manually tighten each link on the bracelet.

Cost of Repair

The cost for repairing a Stainless Steel bracelet can range from $800 to $1500. Two-tone and Presidential bracelets are slightly more expensive to repair and may take a bit longer due to their intricate design.

This service is ideally suited for those who have cherished and worn their Rolex watches over a long period of time. If your bracelet has become 'overworn' and has started to sag, we can tighten it up for you, making it feel fresh and new again.

Rolex Service or Repair Services

If you'd prefer a brand-new Rolex bracelet, we can help with that too. Simply fill out our form, and we'll either source a new original Rolex bracelet for you or check if we have one in stock. Please call us for pricing details on this service.

Moreover, we also offer additional services such as polishing your Rolex bracelet and the watch itself. If your Rolex needs an overhaul service we can do that do, at which point our watchmakers will determine if additional parts are needed during their assessment. Trust us with your Rolex bracelet repair needs, and experience the joy of a rejuvenated timepiece.

Visit our Rolex Service page to get started. 

    How to Repair My Rolex Bracelet

    Our process for repairing a Rolex bracelet involves carefully examining each link and pin for wear. We then replace or repair any damaged parts using genuine Rolex components. We also offer a polishing service where your bracelet can be meticulously cleaned, polished, and, if necessary, refinished to bring it back to its original luster.

    How Much to Repair My Stretched Rolex Bracelet

    The cost of repairing a stretched Rolex bracelet varies based on the extent of the wear and the specific model. Rolex bracelet repair for a stretched or sagged bracelet typically costs around or over $800.

    At WatchGuys, we offer a no-obligation quote upon examination, providing a transparent cost based on your specific repair needs.

    How Many Links Should My Rolex Have

    The number of links in a Rolex bracelet varies between the Oyster and Jubilee styles. An Oyster bracelet typically has 12 links (while this varies upon newer models), while an Oyster bracelet generally has between 22-24 links. The exact number depends on the watch model. 

    How Can I Buy More Links for My Rolex Bracelet

    If you need additional original links for your Rolex bracelet, WatchGuys can assist. We source genuine Rolex links to ensure a perfect match and fit for your specific bracelet model. Simply fill out the form on this page.

    How Do I Remove a Link from My Rolex Bracelet

    Removing a link from a Rolex bracelet requires precision and care. It involves carefully unlocking the link pins and removing the link without damaging the surrounding components. We recommend this be done by a professional to avoid any potential damage.

    How Much is a New Rolex Bracelet

    The cost of a new Rolex bracelet varies greatly depending on the model and type of bracelet. At WatchGuys, we can provide pricing for a replacement bracelet based on your specific Rolex model. The typical cost for a new Rolex bracelet is usually over $1,000. 

    Photos of Rolex Band Repair

    On our website, you'll find a gallery of photos showcasing various Rolex bracelet repairs. These images demonstrate the before and after of our detailed repair work, highlighting the quality and craftsmanship of our service.

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