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Why Sell To WatchGuys

1) Highest Prices Paid: The prices we pay for most luxury watches and especially Rolex watches are higher than our competitors because we have some of the watches pre-sold to private clients and collector’s which also includes our worldwide Rolex dealer network. Check out our five-star reviews and see why customers trust us and say “WatchGuys is the best place to sell a Rolex”. We promise to offer you a free and honest valuation and best price possible when you are ready to sell your Rolex.

2) Fastest Payment: WatchGuys offers a free fully insured Nationwide mail in service for those looking to sell a Rolex online. Our system was created for speed, security, and experience you can trust. Items are shipped next day through FedEx to our headquarters in Los Angeles and the day your watch arrives is the day the payment is made. For in person appointments payment is made immediately.

3) Watch Appraisal: To appraise your Rolex watch and other luxury watches the process is quick, easy, and free. WatchGuys can get the deal done in 30 minutes. Never any obligations to sell your watch.

4)Luxury Watch Experts: We specialize in buying and selling Rolex watches but we are always interested in purchasing other high-end luxury watch brands. We will buy your watch in working condition or not. New, used, or vintage.

5) No Fees or Commissions: The purchase price agreed on is the price you get paid. There is never any hidden fees.

6) Our Promise: WatchGuys watch buyer’s promises an honest up-to-date valuation, trusted experience, best possible price and immediate same-day payment. When it’s time to sell your watch, why go anywhere else.

WatchGuys will also guarantee 100% confidentiality and professional service. Your trust, comfort, and satisfaction is our number one priority.


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