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Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 Review

Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 Review

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The Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 is a symbol of luxury and sophistication, representing the prestigious brand's long-standing relationship with the world of sailing and yacht racing. This beautiful timepiece is an exceptional blend of high-quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and elegant design. Notable features of the Yacht-Master 69623 include its distinctive dial variations, durable metal construction, and functional bezel. It is currently available for purchase at WatchGuys, a Los Angeles-based business specializing in buying and selling luxury Rolex watches. 

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History of Rolex Yacht-Master 69623

The Rolex Yacht-Master series was first introduced in 1992 as a luxurious yet sporty alternative to the popular Submariner line. Designed for sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners, the Yacht-Master has become an iconic symbol of Rolex's commitment to precision, elegance, and style.

Rolex Yacht-Master 69623

Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 Side

Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 Back

Key Features of the Rolex Yacht-Master 69623

Dial Variations: Champagne, white, and blue sunray
Sizes: 29mm case
Metal: Stainless steel and 18k yellow gold
Bezel: Bi-directional, rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel with raised numerals
Bracelet Types: Oyster bracelet with Oysterlock safety clasp
Movement: Automatic, self-winding
Caliber: 2235
Years Produced: 1994-1999

Prices of Rolex Yacht-Master 69623

Retail price: Discontinued
Average Secondary Market Price: $6,995

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Complications & Movement of Yacht-Master 29mm 69623

The Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 features a self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve, ensuring precise timekeeping and exceptional reliability. Its focus on sailing is further highlighted by the bi-directional bezel, which allows for quick and easy calculation of sailing time and other measurements.

Who Wears The Rolex Yacht-Master 69623

The Rolex Yacht-Master 69623 is a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts, celebrities, and those who appreciate fine timepieces. It shares some similarities with the Rolex Submariner, such as the Oyster case and bracelet, but it stands out with its unique bezel design and luxurious aesthetics. This versatile and stylish watch is perfect for both formal and casual occasions, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

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