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Rolex Daytona 116505 Review

The Rolex Daytona 116505 is a vivid representation of Rolex's mastery in blending aesthetics with intricate mechanics. Crafted exclusively in Everose gold, this particular Daytona model exudes luxury in every facet. With its alluring dial variations, the 116505 captures attention and admiration. For those with an eye for unparalleled craftsmanship in Los Angeles or anywhere else, the opportunity to own this masterpiece is within reach at a compelling price, exclusively at WatchGuys. 

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History of The Rolex Daytona 116505

The Daytona's origin traces back to the 1960s, with its association with motorsports, particularly the Daytona International Speedway. However, the 116505, introduced in the 2000s, showcased Rolex's ambition of elevating luxury while maintaining the Daytona's racing spirit, presenting it entirely in their patented Everose gold.



Key Features of The Rolex Daytona 116505

Dial Variations: Options include chocolate, ivory, pink, meteorite and black (and options with diamonds).
Sizes: 40mm case diameter.
Metal: Crafted exclusively in 18k Everose gold.
Bezel: Fixed, in 18k Everose gold with engraved tachymetric scale.
Bracelet Types: Oyster bracelet in 18k Everose gold.
Movement: Automatic, self-winding.
Caliber: Rolex Caliber 4130.
Year(s) Produced: Introduced in the late 2000s and discontinued in April of 2023.

Prices of Rolex Daytona 116505

Retail price: $38,500

Average Secondary Market Price: 

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Movement & Complications of The Daytona 40mm 116505

Empowered by the Rolex Caliber 4130, the Daytona 116505 is not just a pretty face. This self-winding chronograph movement is celebrated for its precision, reliability, and an impressive 72-hour power reserve, showcasing Rolex's dedication to horological excellence.

Who Wears The Rolex Daytona 116505

The Daytona 116505 is favored by celebrities, business magnates, and watch enthusiasts alike. Its unique Everose gold composition sets it apart, though it maintains the iconic Daytona silhouette. While it shares design elements with other Daytona models, the 116505's material and color variations offer a distinct luxurious appeal.

Discover the magic of the Rolex Daytona 116505 with WatchGuys, Los Angeles's luxury watch haven.

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How To Buy a Rolex Daytona 116505

Acquiring a Rolex Daytona 116505 from traditional channels frequently proves to be a rigorous task due to its unmatched popularity and the exquisite craftsmanship that appeals to watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. Quite commonly, a myriad of aficionados circumvent the associated extended delays by veering towards alternative marketplaces in a bid to secure these cherished timepieces in a more expedient manner. At WatchGuys, we prudently curate our collection to often include such in-demand pieces, offering a distinctive advantage to discerning buyers. Those seeking the opulence of the Rolex Daytona 116505 can find solace in our offerings; simply traverse to our product page and engage with the 'Inquire Now' button to begin your ownership journey. Our proficient sales team stands poised to respond promptly once your interest is expressed, ensuring they provide a comprehensive overview and detailed pricing for the available timepiece, aligning with our commitment to offering not just a watch, but an exquisite purchase experience.

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