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Rolex Crystal Replacement

What is Rolex Crystal Replacement

A Rolex Crystal Replacement involves the careful removal and replacement of the crystal (the clear, hard cover that sits over the dial) on your Rolex watch. This service is essential when the crystal is cracked, scratched, or damaged in any way, to ensure the watch’s functionality and aesthetic integrity. Using only genuine Rolex parts, our skilled watchmakers ensure that your Rolex’s appearance and performance are restored to the highest standards.

Why is My Rolex Crystal Cracked or Scratched?

Cracks or scratches on a Rolex crystal can occur due to accidental impacts, regular wear and tear, or age-related degradation. High-impact activities or even simple daily usage can lead to these imperfections, affecting the watch's appearance and potentially its functionality.

Do I Need to Replace My Rolex Crystal?

If your Rolex crystal is cracked or heavily scratched, replacing it is advisable to maintain the watch's aesthetic appeal and functionality. Even minor scratches can compromise the overall look of your watch, and more importantly, a cracked crystal can affect the watch's waterproof integrity.

Is My Rolex Still Waterproof if My Crystal is Cracked

A cracked crystal can compromise your Rolex's water resistance, making it vulnerable to moisture and dust ingress. To ensure the continued waterproofness and optimal performance of your Rolex, it is crucial to replace a cracked crystal promptly.

Rolex Acrylic Crystal vs. Sapphire Crystal

Understanding the Differences

Rolex has used two main types of crystals over the years: Acrylic and Sapphire.

Acrylic Crystal: Used in older or vintage Rolex models, acrylic is a type of plastic known for its flexibility and ability to resist shattering. While more prone to scratches, these can often be buffed out.

Sapphire Crystal: Modern Rolex watches typically feature sapphire crystals. This material is significantly harder than acrylic, making it highly resistant to scratches. However, it can shatter upon impact.

Our experts at WatchGuys are equipped to handle replacements for both types, ensuring your Rolex retains its original charm and resilience.

Should I Get Original Rolex Crystal or Aftermarket Crystals

The Importance of Authenticity
When it comes to crystal replacement, the choice of material plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and value of your Rolex.

Original Rolex Crystals: We strongly recommend opting for original Rolex crystals for replacement. These are designed to fit your watch perfectly, maintaining its aesthetic, performance, and resale value.

Aftermarket Crystals: While often cheaper, aftermarket crystals are not recommended. They may not provide the same fit, clarity, or durability as original Rolex crystals, potentially compromising the watch's quality.

At WatchGuys, we use only genuine Rolex crystals, ensuring your watch remains true to its heritage and quality.

How Much is a Rolex Crystal Replacement

The cost of Rolex Crystal Replacement varies, starting at $800, influenced by the crystal type (acrylic in older or vintage models or sapphire in modern ones), originality (original Rolex crystals recommended for value retention vs. more affordable and non-recommended aftermarket options), and watch size (26mm to 41mm, with larger sizes incurring higher costs). We provide detailed, no-surprise quotes post-inspection, ensuring transparency in pricing based on your Rolex's specific requirements and preserving its integrity and value.

Where Can I Get My Rolex Crystal Replaced

For professional Rolex Crystal Replacement services, look no further than WatchGuys. Simply fill out our form on the website, and we will send you a shipping label for overnight delivery of your Rolex to our headquarters. Our expert watchmakers will handle your timepiece with the utmost care and precision it deserves.

Photos of Crystal or Cracked Crystal

To help you understand the process better, we provide photos of the crystal replacement process, including before and after images of Rolex watches that have undergone this service. These photos showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail our technicians employ in restoring the pristine condition of your Rolex.

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