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How To Sell A Rolex

Ultimate Guide To Selling a Rolex Online

Selling a pre-owned Rolex watch can be a complex process. Understanding your watch's value and finding the right platform are crucial to ensuring you get the best possible price. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to sell your Rolex, including what factors influence its value and how to use WatchGuys, a trusted independent dealer.

Determining the Value of Your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

  1. Model Number: Different Rolex models have different values in the pre-owned market. The model number, usually found between the watch lugs on the side of the case, will help identify the specific model, making it easier to determine its market value.

    How To Find Your Rolex Reference Model Number

    The reference number is located between the two lugs at 12 o’clock  and will be a 4-6 digit number perfectly engraved on the side of watch case (usually can only be seen by removing the watch band). To learn more about value of your Rolex, Google your model number to see what Rolex collection it belongs to (Daytona, GMT, Submariner, President, Datejust, etc.) The number will also have information on the material it is made from for example gold, stainless steel, platinum, or two-tone. This is an important step to help you get an approximate value for your watch.

    model number of rolex

  2. Serial Number: The serial number provides information about the watch's production year, which can influence its value. Rolex watches with lower serial numbers (older models) might have higher value if they are vintage or rare. Every Rolex watch is given its own serial number that only is assigned to that particular Rolex as well as providing you the approximate production date.

    How To Find Your Rolex Serial Number

    Watches made in 2004 or before, the serial number can be found engraved on side of case at 6 o’clock. The watch band will need to be removed to see it. For Rolex watches produced after 2005 the serial number will be located on a ring between the crystal and the watch dial, and is called the Renault. You will also see the word “Rolex” engraved on the ring at 6 o’clock. On older or vintage Rolex watches the serial number included numbers only, while the newer models also include letters and numbers.

    serial number of rolex

  3. Condition: The watch's overall condition significantly affects its value. This includes the condition of the dial, bezel, bracelet, and the watch's functioning. A watch in excellent condition will obviously fetch a higher price. When you are ready to sell a Rolex online or in-person the condition of your Rolex can have a major impact on the resale value in the second-hand market.

    Some Rolex watches are considered to be pre-owned but in actuality have never been worn and are referred to as (NOS) New Old Stock. To sell a Rolex in this unworn mint condition will bring the highest prices. Most Rolex watch owners take care of their Rolex even if they’ve worn it daily and can still bring a good price when they decide to sell their Rolex. When selling a vintage Rolex watch it is a bit more expertise to evaluate. An experienced Rolex watch buyer or dealer would need to examine the watch to put an accurate resale price on it.

    Rolex dealers and collectors pay close attention to dial and hands to see if it is a faded or tropical and if they are original. When the color has changed over the years on a vintage Rolex it is highly collectible and can demand tremendously high prices.

    The watch will be more valuable when it has the original band, dial and bezel. It is also recommended when selling a vintage Rolex in Los Angeles or selling a vintage Rolex online, it is best to never polish the watch. This alone will hurt the resale value of your Rolex. Keep your Rolex watch in its original shape and it will bring top dollar.

  4. Original Box & Papers: 

    If you have the paperwork and box that matches your Rolex or the original purchase receipt it is always helps to authenticate your watch. You will have no problem selling your Rolex without the box and papers and usually get a premium when they are included with the sale.

    rolex in box

  5. Year of Manufacture: Vintage Rolex watches can be highly sought after, especially if they are rare or in excellent condition. The year of manufacture can be determined through the serial number.

  6. Pre-Owned Market Value: Check the completed and sold listings on various platforms to get an idea of the actual selling prices. It's important to note that the prices you see online are retail prices. Reputable dealers must consider overhead costs and therefore won't purchase your watch at full online retail prices. They need to buy it at a price that allows them a margin for profit when they resell. Although most Rolex watches retain their value, luxury watch owners sometimes expect their watches to be worth more than they think. They are concerned about the value (what they paid) or the sentimental value it has rather than the true market value of the Rolex. The true market value of a Rolex watch is what a current buyer is willing to pay for it regardless of what the purchase price was or if the watch was given to them. A dealer that is reputable should be up-to-date of recent watch sales like WatchGuys that can determine an accurate true market value for your pre-owned Rolex watch.

Best Tips When Selling a Rolex 

Now that you’ve learned the 5 best tips to sell a Rolex click the button below to get an immediate offer for your watch.

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