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Watches Spotted Super Bowl LVIII

Watches Spotted Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl 58: Luxury Watches Spotted

As the world tuned in to witness the spectacle of Super Bowl 58, it wasn't just the high-octane football that captured the audience's attention. The event, a convergence of sportsmanship and style, also turned into a runway for some of the most coveted watches in the luxury timepiece world.Here's a look at what watches were spotted on the wrists of Super Bowl superstars, underscoring their tastes that range from the elegantly classic to the boldly extravagant.


Christian McCaffrey Rolex Daytona 116500

Christian McCaffrey, known for his dynamic play as a running back for the San Francisco 49ers, showcased his style off the field with a Rolex Daytona "Panda" 116500. McCaffrey, whose career has been highlighted by record-breaking performances and a versatility that makes him one of the NFL's most valuable players, chose a watch that complements his on-field speed and off-field sophistication. The Daytona 116500, known for its robust design and impeccable functionality, is a symbol of endurance and luxury.

If McCaffrey was able to purchase this watch at retail, it woudl have cost him $14,800. On the secondary marke this watch trades for $30,000 - $33,000. 

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Patrick Mahomes Gold Audemar's Piguet

The Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was spotted at the Super Bowl with a watch that radiated as much as his playing style. While it appeared to be a Gold Audemars Piguet, the exact model remained a mystery, adding an aura of intrigue to Mahomes' choice. Known for his groundbreaking plays and as the face of the NFL's new generation, Mahomes' selection reflects his status. Surprisingly, he opted out of wearing the Rainbow Rolex Daytona, a piece known for its bold statement. The Rainbow Rolex Daytona is currently trading for near $400,000. 

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Brock Purdy's Tudor Black Bay METAS

Brock Purdy, the underdog hero for the 49ers, was seen with a Tudor Black Bay Burgundy METAS. This choice mirrors Purdy's journey in the NFL: reliable, precise, and rising to the occasion against all odds. The Tudor Black Bay is a testament to classic dive watches with a modern twist, available at a price point reflecting Purdy's grounded and approachable persona. This watch was the perfect choice as it also reflected the San Francisco 49ers colors. If Purdy was able to secure this watch at retail, it would have cost him $4,550. 

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George Kittle Gold Casio Calculator Watch

George Kittle, the 49ers' tight end known for his larger-than-life personality and game-changing plays, chose a Gold Calculator Casio watch. This selection showcases Kittle's fun-loving character and a nod to retro style, proving that luxury isn't always defined by price tags but by the statement it makes.

If you wanted this watch, it can be purchased for $59 on Amazon. 

Travis Kelce's Iced Out Breitling Bentley

Fresh from his Super Bowl victory, Travis Kelce was seen celebrating alongside pop icon Taylor Swift, sporting an iced-out Breitling Bentley Baguette Diamond watch. This exquisite timepiece, known for its bold design and intricate detailing, mirrors Kelce's standout performance on the field and his vibrant personality off it. The choice of an iced-out Breitling Bentley, a symbol of luxury and high performance, perfectly complements Kelce's championship-winning moment, making a statement of triumph and style.

Chase Young's Diamond Patek Philippe 5719/10G

Chase Young, the formidable defensive end, was seen wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5719/10G, fully adorned with factory diamonds. This watch, with its six-figure price tag, underscores Young's towering presence on and off the field, embodying luxury that commands attention.

This watch currently trades for between $600,000 - $700,000 on the secondary market. 

Lil Jon's Rolex President 228398RTBR

Rapper and producer Lil Jon, who performed with Usher, wore a watch identified by its reference number 223498trbr. Known for his flashy style and energetic music, Lil Jon's choice reflects his vibrant persona, blending perfectly with the Super Bowl's entertainment spectacle.

Super Bowl 58: A Luxury Watch Spotting

Super Bowl 58 wasn't just a night of unforgettable football; it was a parade of personal style, where luxury watches stole the spotlight alongside the game's biggest names. Each choice reflects the player's personality and achievements, adding a layer of intrigue and glamour to the sport's biggest night.

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Photo Credits: Getty Images

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