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Rolex Serial Numbers

Every watch produced by Rolex is engraved with a serial number as part of the company’s careful and well-planned production process. In addition to being unique per each wristwatch, the numbers perform an excellent job of classifying and distinguishing them. Despite their complexity, this data can help you estimate a watch’s production year. If you’re looking to buy a Rolex watch as an investment, you’ll want to know the approximate year it was made and that’s where Rolex serial numbers come in. Understanding why serial numbers are vital and how they may be used as a reference when you are ready to buy a Rolex is essential, as they are normally separated into three primary sections, each with a particular format, depending upon the year the watches were manufactured. Weather you have a new or old Rolex, WatchGuys is ready to make you an offer if you are ready to sell your Rolex.

2023 Random
2022 Random
2021 Random
2020 Random
2019 Random
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2012 Random
2011 Random
2010 G
2009 V
2008 M or V
2007 M or Z
2006 D or Z
2005 D or F
2004 F
2003 F
2002 Y
2001 K or Y
2000 K,000,001 or P,000,001
1999 A,000,001
1998 U,932,144
1997 U,000,001
1996 T,000,001
1995 W,000,001
1994 S,860,880
1993 S,000,001
1992 C,000,001
1991 N,000,001 or X,000,001
1990 E,000,001
1989 L,980,000
1988 R,598,200
1987 R,000,001 or R,400,000
1986 8,900,000
1985 8,614,000
1984 8,070,022
1983 7,400,000
1982 7,100,000
1981 6,520,870
1980 6,434,000
1979 5,737,030
1978 5,000,000
1977 5,008,000
1976 4,115,299
1975 3,862,196
1974 3,567,927
1973 3,200,268
1972 2,890,459
1971 2,589,295
1970 2,241,882
1969 1,900,000
1968 1,752,000
1967 1,538,435
1966 1,200,000
1965 1,100,000
1964 1,008,889
1963 824,000
1962 744,000
1961 643,153
1960 516,000
1959 399,453
1958 328,000
1957 244,000
1956 133,061
1955 97,000
1954 23,000
1953 855,726
1952 727,639
1951 709,249
1948 628,840
1947 529,163
1946 367,946
1945 302,459
1944 269,561
1943 230,878
1942 143,509
1941 106,047
1940 99,775
1939 71,224
1938 43,739
1937 40,920
1936 36,856
1935 34,336
1934 30,823
1933 29,562
1932 29,132
1930 23,186
1928 23,969
1927 20,190
1926 00,001

How To Find The Serial Numbers On Your Rolex Watch

How can you locate the Rolex serial number on the timepiece, first and foremost? Your Rolex serial number might be located in a variety of places, depending on how old your watch is. To find the Rolex watch’s serial number on older models, the serial number is engraved between the lugs at 6:00, therefore you’ll have to detach the bracelet to find it. This can be a time-consuming process, and you run the risk of damaging the watch’s lugs or bracelet if you don’t have the proper tools or skills.

Fortunately, contemporary Rolex watches don’t necessitate the removal of the band in order to determine the serial number. Instead, the serial number is etched on the watch’s inner bezel under the crystal at 6 o’clock.

Rolex lettering is etched around the entire rehaut on all watches with the serial number stamped on the rehaut. While still keeping the serial number around 6 o’clock, Rolex ceased engraving it in 2008, instead adopting a rehaut engraving. Until 2010, this was the situation with all Rolex models.

Modern Rolex timepieces only carry the serial number on the inner rehaut, not on the 6 o’clock side between the lugs. The primary reason Rolex implemented this adjustment in serial numbers was to make it much more difficult for counterfeiters to laser etch with the same level of precision that Rolex has.

How to check Rolex Serial Number?

As previously noted, the estimated year of the Rolex watch can be determined using the serial number. However, the warranty card which came with your Rolex watch will have a date and year signed on it, making that the ideal place to look for the date and the year of sale. If the Rolex watch doesn’t come with a warranty card, you can still get service by using the serial number.

Since 1926, the Rolex serial numbers for timepieces have been consecutive. Prior to 2009, the letter before the serial number was used to indicate the year of the watch’s construction, from 1987 to 2009.

Important to remember is that the Rolex serial number does not provide an exact time stamp for the watch’s manufacturing process. Some people may have kept their parts in storage before putting them together. However, based on the serial number, you can estimate the watch’s age to be within a range of 1-2 years.

How to Find the Model or Reference Number on Your Rolex Watch?

Rolex reference numbers are provided on Rolex certificates, although they are generally present on the watch casing. To find it, you must first remove the bracelet. On the 12 o’clock side, where the bracelet joins the watch case, its reference number is engraved between lugs.

The reference/model number is essentially a series of numbers that identify the watch, its material, and the type of bezel.

The serial number cannot be used to determine if a Rolex wristwatch is genuine or counterfeit. Rolex does not maintain an official record of serial numbers that they make available. Authorized Rolex retailers are also denied access to the Rolex serial database.


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