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How To Service A Rolex

If you take care of your Rolex watch properly, it will last you for the rest of your life. This means giving it daily attention and keeping sure you utilize it in the way that it was designed to be used from the beginning. However, this also implies that your Rolex will need to be serviced when the appropriate time comes. Everything you want to know about getting your Rolex serviced is included in this guide.

How Frequently Does My Rolex Need To Be Serviced?

Getting a Rolex watch serviced before it begins to experience difficulties can help limit wear & ensure that this really stays in the best possible condition for as long as possible, even though many Rolex watches would be able to function for much longer than this before they become unable to accurately tell time. A full service is recommended by Rolex about once every 10 years.

Keep this in mind, if you want to use your Rolex watch or one of its earlier variants as your primary timepiece if you want it to perform according to the standards established by the watch's maker, you may need to have it serviced more frequently.

Servicing a vintage Rolex watches on the other hand, can be a procedure that is a little bit less straightforward at times. This is because the value and collectibility of vintage Rolex that is extremely desirable are dependent on its core components remaining original.

If you're watch is having issues due to not being serviced overtime and you would rather sell it as is, contact us to today to sell my Rolex.

Why Is It Necessary to Service Rolex Watches?

Lubricants become less effective with time, which is one of the fundamental reasons why mechanical timepieces need to have regular maintenance performed. As is the case with any mechanical device, minimizing friction is one of the most important design considerations, and watch movements make use of a wide variety of specialized lubricants to achieve this goal. This allows the watch to operate with the least amount of resistance possible. 

The gradual decomposition of these lubricants over time can result in an increase in friction, which causes more wear on components and, as a consequence, worse overall performance.

Keeping this in mind, the period of time that you can anticipate a mechanical watch to continue to perform effectively (under normal circumstances) grows as the technology behind lubricants continues to advance. 

In the early years, a wristwatch needed to be serviced roughly every year as well as two; however, that service period has substantially grown throughout the decades. In the early years, a wristwatch was required to be maintained almost every year or two. In this day and age, with advanced lubricants and current movement designs, Rolex watches now advise that watch owners have their timepieces serviced at least once every ten years to ensure the watch is operating at its full potential.

Where Can I Service My Rolex?

Rolex Service Center

The fact that Rolex is the watch's manufacturer makes it appear like the greatest location to take your watch to get serviced. While this seems like the best choice you have to consider the time it takes to service your watch. Due to the current situation in the world with the Covid-19 outbreak it takes 6-12 weeks to service a watch from Rolex. The price to service your watch from Rolex is also much higher than it would be to get it serviced from a professional watchmaker. This is why we do not recommend this option.

WatchGuys Rolex Repair Service

When it comes to servicing your Rolex watch, we are the best option. We exclusively utilize authentic Rolex components, along with high-end equipment, and our professional watchmakers have over 40 years of experience working with luxury watches. Our turnaround time is extremely fast, our watchmakers can service your Rolex within 7 to 14 days of the day we receive it. Our Rolex Services is backed by a 2-year warranty. For more information please refer to our Rolex Repair Service page.

Steps Performed While Servicing Your Rolex

1. Getting Your Rolex Ready for Service

The bracelet will be detached from the case before the movement is taken out of it. During service, the movements, cases, or bracelets are all taken on separate journeys before being brought back together at the conclusion of the operation.

2. Deconstruction of the Movement

The movement will be taken apart, and each component will be examined in great detail. Any component that is deemed to no longer satisfy Rolex's standards will be replaced. (Customer will be contacted prior to a part being replaced. Additional cost may be applicable.)

3. Extensive cleaning, reassembly, and lubrication of moving parts

In order to eradicate any and all traces of impurities, every component is given a thorough cleaning in an ultrasonic bath. After the various components have been cleaned and allowed to dry, the movement is reassembled and then lubricated. The first adjustments to the movement's accuracy are made by our watchmaker in order to bring it into compliance with the accuracy standards of the brand.

4. The Case Will Be Polished & Be Reassembled

The case and the bracelet will be polished according to their respective original finishes, this technique is extremely delicate and calls for a great deal of dexterity and care. After being thoroughly cleaned and polished, the component parts of the case are rejoined, and the seals are then reapplied.

5. Reinstalling The Movement Inside of The Case

After our watchmaker has finished conducting exhaustive technical and aesthetic testing on each of these components, the movement will then be reinstalled into the case.

6. A Test of Precision To Determine The Accuracy

After the movement is reinstalled and the case is closed, our watchmaker will do one final check of the chronometric accuracy of the movement and makes any final adjustments that are necessary to comply with Rolex regulations.

7. A Performance Evaluation That Lasts 24 Hours

Another Rolex-specific testing that must last at least 24 hours is performed on your watch in order to guarantee the lifespan of the movement.

8. A Test of Waterproofing

Following the completion of the water pressure test, the band will be permanently attached to the case, and any necessary adjustments will be made to the watch.


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