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Rolex Coke News & Pepsi Discontinuation

Rolex Coke News & Pepsi Discontinuation

Is Rolex Coke Making a Comeback with Red and Black Ceramic Bezel?

In the realm of luxury timepieces, few names command the reverence and fascination of Rolex. Among its esteemed lineup, the Rolex Coke—a variant characterized by its striking red and black bezel—holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. Recent developments have stirred the horological community with whispers of the Coke's potential return, reigniting excitement and speculation among enthusiasts worldwide.

Rolex Coke Ceramic Bezel

Rolex Coke's Rumored Revival: Official Patent Published

Reports have surfaced regarding Rolex's patent filing for a Red and Black Ceramic bezel, a detail that has piqued the interest of watch enthusiasts since its publication in January of 2024. Dating back to 2022, this patent represents a significant step in the development of the Coke variant, hinting at the possibility of its resurgence.

rolex coke patent

Will Rolex Unveil the Coke at Watches and Wonders 2024?

The revelation of Rolex's patent filing has sparked fervent speculation within the community. Many are now eagerly anticipating whether this development signals Rolex's intentions to unveil the Coke at the prestigious Watches and Wonders 2024 event. The prospect of witnessing the return of this iconic variant has ignited a sense of nostalgia and anticipation among collectors.

History of the Rolex Coke

The history of the Rolex Coke is steeped in rarity and allure. Introduced in the early 1980s with references like the 16760 and later the 16710, the Coke variant quickly became a coveted collector's item. However, Rolex's decision to discontinue the Coke in 2007 left enthusiasts yearning for its return. Now, with the possibility of its revival on the horizon, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further updates from Rolex.

Is The Rolex Pepsi Being Discontinued?

The emergence of the patent for a red and black ceramic bezel has also raised questions about the fate of another iconic variant: the Rolex Pepsi. With the feasibility of producing the traditional blue/red colorway called into question, speculation abounds regarding the future of the Pepsi. Collectors are left pondering whether Rolex's focus on the Coke's revival could spell the end for the Pepsi variant.

Insights into Rolex's Ceramic Bezel Innovation

The base ceramic utilized for Rolex's new red and black bezel is zirconia, a departure from the alumina base found in other Cerachrom bezels, such as the BLRO 'Pepsi' version. This innovative approach allows Rolex to achieve a red color on a zirconia base, something previously unattainable without resorting to an alumina base. The process involves doping the zirconia with ceria (Ce3+) from brown (Ce4+). Additionally, the bezel undergoes sintering in air for blue coloration and turns black after reduction in H2. This method enables the production of brown/blue or red/black bezels, but not red/blue. Due to the use of a zirconia base, these bezels may offer increased robustness compared to the alumina-based red/blue BLRO bezels

Community Buzz: Speculation, Insights, and Shared Memories

As enthusiasts dissect the news and share their insights, the community buzzes with excitement. Discussions abound in forums and social media platforms, with collectors speculating on the implications of Rolex's patent filing. Memories of past Coke and Pepsi models are revisited, and hopes are high for the potential return of these iconic variants.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Rolex Coke?

In conclusion, the discovery of Rolex's patent filing has reignited the fervor surrounding the Coke variant, hinting at a possible revival that has captivated the imaginations of watch enthusiasts worldwide. As the community eagerly awaits further developments, one thing remains clear: the legend of the Rolex Coke may be poised for a remarkable comeback, marking a new chapter in the storied history of horological excellence.

As the world of luxury timepieces continues to evolve, the possibility of the Rolex Coke's return serves as a testament to the enduring allure and innovation of the brand. Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding story.

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