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2023 ESPY'S Celebrity Watch Spotting

2023 ESPY'S Celebrity Watch Spotting

The ESPYs 2023: A Star-Studded Affair of Excellence and Luxury Timepieces

The ESPY Awards 2023, held at the majestic Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA, was a remarkable assembly of star-studded athletes and celebrities, converging in celebration of sports and the spectacle of high-end wrist-watches.

espys watch spotting 2023

Robertino the Jeweler from WatchGuys had the esteemed privilege of being present on the event's floor on 7/12, giving him the unique opportunity to mingle with the illustrious attendees, all while spotting some of the world's most renowned and luxurious watch brands adorning their wrists. Here's a closer look at the timepieces and the personalities that wore them.

Justin Jefferson's Bust Down AP Royal Oak

Sporting the NFL world, Justin Jeffers captured the award for the Best Play of the Year at the event. He chose to wear a bust down AP Royal Oak, a watch known for its robust features and sophisticated design. Valued at around $60,000 to $150,000, the Royal Oak was a perfect encapsulation of Jeffers' on-field brilliance and off-field style.

Jamal Murray's Bust Down Royal Oak

NBA star Jamal Murray was another athlete seen flaunting a bust down Royal Oak. This versatile timepiece, a symbol of luxury, costing around $60-75,000, seemed to be a favorite among the sports elite, echoing Murray's exceptional taste.

Trippie Redd's Custom Pristine Watch

Musical artist Trippie Redd took the concept of uniqueness to a new level. He showcased a custom Pristine watch that was reported to have cost him a whopping $500,000. This exclusive piece reflects Trippie Redd's inclination towards bespoke luxury, distinguishing him in the crowd.

Alexander Volkanovsky's 336933 Rolex Sky Dweller

Fresh off his victory as the UFC Featherweight Champion, Alexander Volkanovsky was seen showing off his 336933 Rolex Sky Dweller, which cost him about $20,000. Known for its dual time zones feature and an annual calendar, the Sky-Dweller epitomized Volkanovsky's international prestige and his ceaseless pursuit of excellence.

Jon Jones' 228238 Rolex President 40mm

Nominated for the comeback athlete of the year following a triumphant return to the UFC after a 3-year hiatus, Jon Jones proudly sported his 228238 Rolex President 40mm, priced around $40,000. This watch is synonymous with success and power, reflecting Jones' indomitable spirit and his victorious comeback.

Quavo's Frosted Royal Oak AP Chronograph

Leading member of Migos, Quavo, made a grand appearance at the event, with his Frosted Royal Oak AP Chronograph valued at $150,000. Known for its dazzling frosted gold finish and precision chronograph, the watch mirrored Quavo's style and charisma. Additionally, Quavo's electric performance at the afterparty added to the unforgettable moments of the ESPYs 2023.

Patrick Mahomes Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW

Kansas City Chiefs' star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, turned heads at the ESPYs 2023 with his dazzling Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW estimated at a staggering starting price of $500,000. Famous for its multi-colored sapphire bezel and black diamond dial, the watch beautifully encapsulates Mahomes' vibrant personality and show-stopping style. Enhancing the event's glamour quotient, Mahomes' virtuoso commentary at the sideline conversation made the ESPYs 2023 a truly remarkable spectacle.

Lil Wayne's Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

Rap legend Lil Wayne created waves at the ESPYs 2023, showcasing his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph worth around $30,000. Famous for its bold, avant-garde design, and extraordinary precision, the timepiece was a true reflection of Lil Wayne's dynamic persona and his status as an innovator in the music industry. The rapper's electrifying impromptu performance at the red carpet added to the dazzling highlights of the evening, making the ESPYs 2023 a night to remember.

Lebron James Patek Philippe Rose Gold Celestial

NBA icon LeBron James made a statement at the ESPYs 2023, donning his Patek Philippe Rose Gold Celestial watch, worth an impressive $365,000. Renowned for its celestial complications, rose gold case, and intricate craftsmanship, the watch is a fitting symbol of LeBron's stellar status and refined tastes. LeBron's inspiring speech about the importance of teamwork and perseverance further accentuated the aura of the evening, making the ESPYs 2023 an event that resonated with moments of profound impact.

Dwayne Wade Tiffany Cocktail Dress Watch

NBA legend Dwayne Wade showed off his exquisite taste in timepieces at the ESPYs 2023, with his captivating Tiffany Cocktail Dress Watch with a retail price of $17,000. Known for its sleek design, polished finish, and minimalist elegance, the watch perfectly complemented Wade's sophisticated style and distinguished stature. Adding to the charm of the evening, Wade's insightful panel discussion on sportsmanship and leadership set a memorable tone for the ESPYs 2023.

Recap of the ESPYs 2023

Beyond the glamour of high-end watches, the ESPYs 2023 was a celebration of sporting achievement and valor. The ceremony was replete with stirring moments, triumphant victories, and acknowledgments of athletic excellence. Some of the notable accolades included the Best Play of the Year won by NFL star Justin Jeffers, the Best NBA Player awarded to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Best Female Athlete won by Naomi Osaka, and Best Male Athlete bagged by Tom Brady.

The ESPYs 2023 was not just about celebrating current victories, but also honoring comeback stories like that of Jon Jones, nominated for the comeback athlete of the year. This event was a true testament to the tenacity, resilience, and style of athletes around the globe.

While the event was a whirlwind of emotions, the essence of it remained the same: celebrating excellence in sports, fashion, and of course, luxury watches. Robertino The Jeweler from WatchGuys, with his presence and watch spotting expertise, added an exclusive touch to the glamorous event, highlighting the fascinating connection between sports, celebrities, and the world of luxury timepieces.

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