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Where Is The Best Place To Sell My Rolex Submariner

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There are many places you can choose to sell a Rolex Submariner or to sell a Rolex watch, but the best place to sell a Rolex Submariner would be for you to choose a Rolex dealer who specializes in buying pre-owned Rolex watches. WatchGuys is a leading online and local licensed Rolex buyer. We buy all Submariner watch models for immediate cash. New, used, pre-owned, vintage, working or not in any condition. No need to have repaired we will buy your used Submariner for the highest price possible. We buy all broken or not working watches whether you have the box or paperwork. Cash paid for all Rolex Watches.

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic Rolex’s of all time and is a close competition to the Rolex Daytona who Paul Newman has attached its celebrity status.

The legendary Submariner hit the stage in 1954 and is highly demanded by professional divers and admirers worldwide. The famous Rolex Submariner is known as an affluent fashion accessory, with its style and its coolness coming from being worn by James Bond in numerous films – by both Roger Moore and Sean Connery. The Rolex Submariner Big Crown model 6538 was worn in Gold finger, Dr. No and From Russia With Love.

The famous Rolex Submariner is the brands most popular and our favorite Rolex to buy. We are looking to buy Rolex Submariners in stainless steel, two-tone, yellow gold or white gold. It is our goal to make the process easy for customers looking to sell Rolex watches near you. We have created a private confidential way combined with expertise to pay the best up to date market prices for people looking to sell Rolex watches for cash. Sell your Rolex online or in person and expect the best prices and top notch service.

How To Sell My Rolex Submariner

In the second-hand Rolex watch market, our company loves to pay people looking to sell a used Rolex what they paid originally or more than they paid because of market demand.

We have high interest in buying and pay generous premiums for the models listed below:

  • Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV – This Submariner was introduced in 2010 as an update to the Rolex Kermit and has a beautiful green dial and a matching green bezel.
  • Rolex Submariner Kermit 16610LV – This collectors Rolex was released in 2003 for the brands 50th Anniversary and comes with a black dial and green bezel. We buy Rolex Kermit watches for immediate cash.
  • Rolex Submariner Four Liner 14060M – Another highly sought after collectors timepiece with 4 lines of text on the dial. Its smooth lugs and aluminum bezel sets it apart and is often referred to as the “Real” Submariner.

If you have a Submariner you are thinking of selling or would like to know the market value let us help you to sell your Rolex. Contact us at (213) 302-4400.

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