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What Controls The Value Of Your Rolex?

The current market value is the most important factor to consider when selling a Rolex watch. People who own a Rolex watch may believe their Rolex is worth more than they think and are concerned with what they paid for the watch and its sentimental value, instead of the true pre-owned selling price. In some cases a Rolex watch that is a collectors or vintage, or even the most popular can sell for historically high resale prices. Just because your Rolex is considered a luxury watch doesn’t mean it will sell at the price you are expecting. The actual value is based on what current customers are willing to pay for your particular model. By carefully researching past sales of recent similar Rolex watches like yours we will be able to determine an appropriate resale price for your watch.

Wondering how much your Rolex might be worth? WatchGuys can help you receive the highest price for your new, used, pre-owned, or vintage Rolex watch. To request a free estimate for your watch, complete the easy to use online request form and please be sure to include some images and submit. One of our specialists will review your online submission and get back to you quickly with an offer. We are the only online Rolex watch buyer to receive the watch and make payment the same day. You can always expect the best price and superior customer service. WatchGuys is the #1 online designer handbag buyer in the United States. We promise to offer an honest price, experience you can count on and immediate payment.



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