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Rolex Pepsi Under UV Light

Rolex Pepsi Under UV Light

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How To Spot a Fake Rolex Pepsi Using UV Light

Journey with us as we unravel the enigmatic allure of the Rolex Pepsi bezel, exploring its vibrant history, the meticulous crafting of its iconic red and blue cerachrom bezel, and diving into a practical guide on discerning genuine pieces from forgeries using a simple yet telling UV light test. Witness the clandestine details emerge under UV light and discover whether the imitators have managed to replicate this hidden feat in our revealing video below.

History of The Rolex "Pepsi" Bezel

The captivating aura of the Rolex GMT Master II, particularly its "Pepsi" bezel, has been turning heads since its inception in 1955. The first GMT model, the Rolex GMT 6542, has its roots intertwined with the aviation giant Pan American World Airways. Pan Am approached Rolex with a request: a watch that could display dual time zones simultaneously to assist their pilots during transatlantic flights. The outcome was not just a watch but an icon - the GMT Master with a red and blue bezel, quickly garnering the nickname "Pepsi" due to its color resemblance to the soda brand's logo. The color distinction served a purpose: red for daylight and blue for nighttime, a visual cue for the wearers to differentiate between AM and PM in the second time zone.


The Evolution of the Red and Blue Bezel

  • Plexiglas Era Upon its initial release, the Pepsi's bezel was fabricated from Plexiglas, with the white track and red-and-blue hue printed on its underside, a design element that was not only aesthetic but functional for air travelers and pilots alike.
  • Aluminum Days Transitioning from 1959 to 2007, Rolex embraced aluminum for crafting the bezel, utilizing an anodizing process to infuse the vibrant colors which have now become synonymous with the GMT Master II.
  • Inception of the Cerachrom Bezel Post-2007, Rolex pivoted to a zirconium-oxide ceramic track, overcoming hurdles related to color creation by infusing aluminum-oxide with varying oxides to produce the resplendent red ceramic bezel. The blue hue is achieved through a meticulous process of impregnating half of the bezel with a metallic salt solution before sintering.

How to Spot Fake Ceramic "Pepsi" Bezel: The UV Light Test

In this example, we shined a UV Light on a Rolex Pepsi 126710BLRO. Shining a UV light on an authentic Pepsi ceramic bezel reveals a spectacle: the bezel radiates an all-red color, uncovering the red undertone beneath the blue. This phenomenon stems from the sintering process. Authentic Rolex Pepsi bezels are sintered at 1,600 degrees Celsius for over 24 hours, ensuring the final colors and the slightly shrunken scale, which is then meticulously milled into proper shape, showcasing a commitment to precision and quality often unmatched in counterfeit models.

Is the Two-Color Cerachrom "Pepsi" Bezel Difficult to Make?

Achieving the rich, fade-resistant colors of the Pepsi bezel is no easy feat. It demands extensive research, mastery over the ceramic manipulation, and a meticulous process involving platinum coating via PVD, followed by careful polishing, ensuring platinum remains only in the recessed numerals and dots. This labor-intensive process is undoubtedly expensive, yet it maintains Rolex's unwavering commitment to excellence and aesthetic appeal.

Is the Rolex Pepsi Your Favorite Two-Color Cerachrom Bezel?

The Rolex Pepsi isn’t alone in the ring of bi-color bezels:

  • Rolex Coke: A robust blend of red and black, offering a daring aesthetic.
  • The Batman: Merging blue and black, this variant projects a sublime yet powerful persona.
  • Rolex Sprite: A refreshing combination of green and black, bringing a dash of vibrancy.
Each variant comes with its own charm and story, with collectors and enthusiasts often finding a particular bezel that resonates with their style and passion. The two-color Cerachrom bezels by Rolex, while functional in concept, have become an aesthetic and symbolic signature of the brand. Whether it's the classic appeal of the Pepsi, the audacious spirit of the Coke, or the contemporary allure of the Batman and Sprite, these bezels speak in colors, each narrating a unique tale of time, history, and Rolex's unparalleled craftsmanship.


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