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Sell Rolex Explorer

Are you looking to sell your Rolex Explorer for the highest price today? Look no further. WatchGuys is your ultimate destination to buy and sell Rolex watches. WatchGuys offer the best prices for your Rolex Explorer with insured shipping. Our experts are passionate and dedicated to providing a seamless Rolex selling experience by offering same-day payment.

To ease your selling process, we have created a form to fill out on this page. Add all the required details about your Rolex Explorer to get a free no-obligation quote from our experts. For more information about our selling process please call us at (213) 302-4400.

How Much Is My Rolex Explorer Worth?

Rolex Explorer collection embodied the Rolex and Exploration’s privileged relationship. The first model of the collection was released in 1953. As this collection is familiar for withstanding the toughest environment, the resale market for Rolex Explorer is pretty hot.

Multiple factors combinedly determine the actual value of your Rolex Explorer. These elements generally include model number, watch age, material, size, and box & papers. Let’s know about these in detail:

Model Number: Arguably, the model number and material of Rolex Explorer are the most important factors in determining its value. The model number of Rolex Explorer is important because certain models are more popular than others. Due to this, each Rolex timepiece possesses a different value. Finding your Rolex Explorer’s model and serial number isn’t hard, only if you know how to do it right. You can locate the model number of your Rolex Explorer at the place where the watch case meets the bracelet between lugs at 12 o’clock. Here you can find an engraved 4-6 digits model number. The model number helps in verifying watch movement, material, and year. On the other hand, you can find serial numbers of Rolex Explorer on the case’s side between the lugs. You can locate a 4 to 8 digits number at 6 o’clock. This Rolex engraved number helps in determining the production date of the timepiece.

Age: Condition and age of Rolex Explorer are also major price-determining factors. Despite the high resale value of Rolex Explorer, its current condition and how popular your Explorer model is will affect its price. Generally, Vintage Rolex Explorer models have higher resale value. It is because these are rare and collectible. While modern watches attract certain buyers who prefer the style and more features. For example, a double waterproofness system that guarantees that Modern Rolex Explorer timepieces are water-resistant to 330 ft.

Material: As Rolex Explorer has developed as a tool watch to stand well even in the toughest conditions. Therefore, Rolex Explorer I and II have only been made in an extremely corrosion-resistant superalloy stainless steel and yellow gold bezel. Rolex refers to its specific 904L stainless steel blend as Oystarsteel. Different Rolex Explorer models feature modern enhancements such as gold applied indexes, sapphire crystal, etc., that may impact their pricing value.

Size: Rolex Explorer has different size cases. Most importantly, Rolex Explorer-I always has smaller sizes than Rolex Explorer II. The size range of Explorer I and II includes 36mm, 39mm, 38mm, 40mm, and 42 mm. The popularity of different Rolex Explorer sizes in the resale market will impact your timepiece’s value.

Where Can I Sell My Rolex Explorer Online?

With WatchGuys, selling Rolex Explorer watches have become easier than ever before. The professional and experienced team here is highly committed to serving their sellers’ needs in the best possible way. WatchGuys have been working in the industry for more than 40 years. It has become a top-notch luxury watch reseller accepting Rolex Explorer worldwide.

  • Experienced, proficient and friendly industry experts here make your Rolex Explorer selling experience with WatchGuys pleasant, simple, and more enjoyable.
  • Most importantly, selling Rolex Explorer with us is highly safe, secure, insured, and confidential. We offer our valuable sellers full Rolex Explorer reselling payment, even if their luxury watch is lost during the transfer to our headquarters. It is because all our shipment is insured at an agreed price.
  • Above all, we understand how quickly you want to get your Rolex Explorer payment. We always provide our sellers with same-day payment when we receive their Rolex timepiece at our headquarters.
  • Due to our decades of experience in the luxury watch reselling industry, we know all ins and outs. Our experts are aware of constantly changing market prices. Therefore, we can offer you the maximum possible value of your Rolex Explorer to keep you satisfied with your transaction.
  • We don’t cost you any additional or hidden charges in terms of commissions or other fees. Instead, we are always assured to pay you what we have committed for your Rolex Explorer.

WatchGuys also has 2 physical buying office. Local sellers don’t have to ship their parcels to us. Instead, they can visit us at either 607 S. Hill St. Suite 241, Los Angeles, CA 90014 or 16916 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260. People living in Los Angeles can book their appointment through a call or can walk into any of our buying offices for price estimation. They can also enjoy the additional perk of receiving instant cash for their Rolex Explorer.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Rolex Explorer?

Do you have a Rolex Explorer that you don’t use anymore? You may think about selling it somewhere. If you want to know when is the best time to sell your Rolex Explorer, then now is the best.

Rolex watches are always loved. The resale market for Rolex Explorer is hot, especially Vintage Rolex Explorer watches. Certain Vintage and collectible Explorer references have value in tens of thousands of dollars when you sell these on the right platform.

Due to this, luxury Rolex Explorer watches are high in demand and can offer you a higher resale value. It is mainly because these timepieces are incredibly well-made. Their classical aesthetics help them to retain their value for longer. When these specs combine with the current demand for luxury watches globally, you will have a can’t miss the opportunity.

No matter which Rolex Explorer model you have, it’s the right time to sell it for top payment with WatchGuys. Here you can find the highest value and same-day payment. Additionally, experts here will quote your Rolex Explorer as per the latest market value for more satisfaction.

Sell Vintage Rolex Explorer Watches for Cash

We can help you to get cash for your vintage Rolex Explorer. The process of selling your Vintage Rolex Explorer is easy. Contact our professional team to get a no-obligation quote instantly. Please send us your Vintage Rolex Explorer from anywhere around the world. We will ship you the insured shipping label for free. You can mail us your watch from the nearest FedEx location. Our experts will inspect your watch, and you will get paid accordingly. We accept Vintage Rolex Explorer in all (working and non-working) conditions and offer you the top price for these.

Can I Sell My Rolex Explorer Without Box or Papers?

Absolutely yes, we accept Rolex Explorer watches without boxes and papers. The unavailability of boxes and papers will certainly affect its price. So, it would help if you kept this in mind while getting an estimate. Rolex Explorer watches with boxes and papers usually have more value than otherwise. Anyway, we accept Rolex Explore without their box and papers.


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