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Sell Rolex Day-Date

Sell your Rolex Day-Date for the best price at WatchGuys. Regardless of the reason for selling your Rolex Day-Date, WatchGuys is the best online pre-owned luxury watch buyer. We buy Rolex watches everyday across the United states, online sellers can expect to be paid the same-day your Rolex Day-Date arrives at our headquarter. To get started please complete the sell Rolex form with the required information to get a free no-obligation quote from our professionals. If you require immediate assistance please contact us at (213) 302-4400.

How Much Is My Rolex Day-Date Worth?

The Day-Date collection of Rolex is familiar as the Ferrari of watches. Since its first launch, the Day-Date collection has undergone multiple variations with its different models. The Day-Date collection is available in different faces, dials, and materials. Some of the model numbers are more iconic than others. Therefore, determining the worth of your Day-Date isn’t that straightforward.

The worth of a Day-Date may vary due to multiple elements. These key elements generally include:

Model Number: Rolex Day-Date has different models, and each has its value. The Day-Date collection is popular as the flagship collection of Rolex due to its precious metals and double calendar feature. The collection also boasts some of the most expensive model numbers, such as the Rolex President. At the same time, some model numbers of the Day-Date collection also have moderate value. Unlike other watch collections, the Day-Date collection’s modern models sell for higher than vintage references. However, this isn’t true for all reference numbers because the worth of different Day-Date model numbers also depends upon their demand.

Age: Condition of your Rolex Day-Date is highly important to determine its worth. A Day-date with a fine dial, shallow scratches, and working conditions will certainly have a higher value than otherwise.

Material: Rolex Day-Date collection represents the ultimate in comfort, style and refinement. The entire collection is crafted with a collection of carefully selected valuable materials. Rolex has opted only for precious metals such as:

  • 950-platinum
  • 18k yellow gold
  • 18k rose gold
  • 18k white gold

Of course, some of these editions are also available with diamonds and other valuable stones. However, in this collection, stainless steel models don’t exist. The bezels range from fluted in gold watches to smooth bezels in platinum. Baguette-cut or brilliant-cut diamonds are also available on selected Day-Date platinum and gold models. Certainly, each of these materials has its values and impacts the overall worth of the Day-Date reference you have.

Dial: When it’s about dial sizes, Day-Date is the most varied Rolex collection. Besides various colors, Day-Date dials also have exotic materials, which impact their reselling cost. More exotic dial materials include:

  • Mother-of-pearl
  • Malachite
  • Meteorite,
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Onyx
  • Coral
  • Burl wood, etc.

Day-Date collection’s dials also offer different index styles range. This collection is available in four sizes only, including 41mm, 40mm, 39mm, and 36mm. The dial and size of your Day-Date must also impact its worth.

Box and Papers: Arguably, if you’ll sell your Day-Date with its original box and papers, it will pay you higher. You can even sell your Day-Date watch without papers and a box, but in that case, the price will be affected.

Where Can I Sell My Rolex Day-Date Online?

WatchGuys is the leading destination to sell your Day-Date. This is the ultimate platform because you can find the best price for your luxury watch here. Our entire process of selling and buying Rolex Day-Date is safe, secure, and insured. Therefore, even if your Day-Date is lost or damaged on its way to our headquarters. Still, we will pay you the agreed price. It’s because all our packages are insured.

Our same-day payment option can also offer you added peace of mind. We stand out among other luxury watch resellers because we pay our promised amount to our sellers the same day when we receive their package.

We have worked in the luxury watch reselling industry for more than 40 years. Our experts know all the latest trends in the industry. They are always updated with the changing price of the market. This ensures that you are offered the maximum price for your Day-Date watch. Above all, we don’t cost you any hidden fees or extra commissions. Our luxury watch quotes are always transparent.

If you’re from Los Angeles, you can visit one of our two outlets instead of shipping your watch to us. The locations of WatchGuys outlets in Los Angeles are:

  • 607 S. Hill St. Suite 241, Los Angeles, CA 90014
  • 16916 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260

Please book your appointment or directly visit any of our outlets to sell your Day-Date watch to get paid in cash instantly.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Rolex Day-Date?

A Day-Date model usually has a historical significance; therefore, it has a higher resale value. This is the flagship collection of Rolex and is crafted with valuable metals only. Just like other models, Rolex Day-Date is also a great investment and can offer incredible resale value. If you want to sell your Rolex Day-Date, now is the right time. Luxury watch reselling marketing is in full swing right now and experiencing higher value than the stock market.

WatchGuys is the best place to sell your Day-Date with the current value. As professionals here are knowledgeable about the latest price trends in the industry. Therefore, you can always sell a Day-Date for the highest value with us.

Can I Sell My Rolex Day-Date Without Box or Papers?

Yes, we accept Rolex watches without boxes and papers. Always remember selling a Rolex with boxes and papers will increase the worth of your luxury watch. Otherwise, it will affect your price negatively. Anyway, we still accept Rolex watches without boxes and papers.

Do You Purchase Other Rolex Models?

Yes, we are the ultimate luxury watch reseller worldwide. We accept any Rolex model and offer the best price to our sellers in return. The value of your Rolex model is usually based on its demand, material, model, size, dial, accessories, etc. Our experts can offer you a quick price quote after authentication of your Rolex model. We also offer same-day payments to avoid any additional stress to our sellers. However, visit our Sell Rolex page to learn more about the Rolex models we purchase.


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