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Rolex Submariner 126613LB Blue Review

As watch enthusiasts, we often marvel at the alchemy of elegance, function, and timelessness in a single timepiece, and the Rolex Submariner 126613LB in blue perfectly epitomizes this blend. With roots tracing back to 1953, the Submariner has been a beacon of luxury dive watches, and this specific model adds a splash of color to the iconic range. Priced at an average of $14,800 at WatchGuys, this exclusive piece is more than just a timekeeping device; it's a statement of class and adventure. Crafted from a blend of Oystersteel and 18k yellow gold, the watch features a striking blue dial and Cerachrom bezel that set it apart from its counterparts. Sporting a 41mm case, this Submariner is both a functional dive watch and a fashion statement.

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History Of The Rolex Submariner 126613LB Blue

The Submariner series was initially launched in 1953, setting a high bar for dive watches worldwide. The 126613LB variant is a modern iteration that incorporates decades of Rolex’s engineering prowess. It brings a contemporary flair to the legendary line with its blue dial and bezel, while maintaining the foundational elements that made the Submariner a dive watch for the ages.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126660

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126660 Side

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126660 Left Side

Key Features Of The Rolex Submariner 126613LB Blue

Dial Variations: Blue with luminous markers and hands
Size: 41mm case size
Metal: Oyster Steel and 18k Yellow Gold
Bezel: Unidirectional, blue Cerachrom
Bracelet Types: Oyster, two-tone
Movement: Automatic
Caliber: Rolex 3235
Years Produced: 2020-Present

Prices of Rolex Submariner 126613LB Blue 

Retail price: $18,000 

Average Secondary Market Price: $14,800

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Complications & Movement of The Submariner 41mm 126613LB Blue

When it comes to the inner workings of the Rolex Submariner 126613LB, the watch is powered by the robust Rolex Caliber 3235. This automatic movement not only provides supreme accuracy but also has an impressive power reserve of up to 70 hours. Rolex's patented Chronergy escapement enhances the movement's efficiency, making it highly resistant to shocks and magnetic fields.

Who Wears The Rolex Submariner 126613LB Blue

The Rolex Submariner 126613LB has been adorned by a diverse range of people, from celebrities to divers and business tycoons. Its design aesthetics are quite similar to other Submariner models like the 126613LN, but the blue dial and bezel give it a unique identity. It’s a watch that can be sported on adventurous underwater expeditions and yet would not look out of place in a corporate boardroom.

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How to Buy a Rolex Submariner 126613LB Blue

Navigating the waters to procure a Rolex Submariner 126613LB via traditional channels often poses a substantial challenge, as its unparalleled popularity has rendered it a rare find among local authorized dealers. Consequently, a substantial cohort of watch enthusiasts, eager to avoid the notoriously protracted waits, often veer towards alternative marketplaces in their quest for this coveted model. WatchGuys triumphantly emerges as a favorable alternative, with our inventory regularly showcasing the elusive Rolex Submariner 126613LB, among other in-demand Rolex models, poised and ready for acquisition. To articulate your interest or initiate your purchasing journey of the Rolex Submariner 126613LB, simply traverse to our product page and select the 'Inquire Now' button. In the steps that follow, a proficient member of our sales team will expediently connect with you, providing an in-depth overview and transparent pricing particulars, ensuring your path from inquiry to ownership is as meticulously crafted and expedited as the timepieces we proudly feature.

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