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Sell Your Luxury Watch With The Safety Of Escrow

About Escrow.com and WatchGuys

Watch Guys is a proud partner with Escrow.com who uses their services to facilitate purchases, and payments for Rolex watches sold online through the mail for values over $10,000 dollars. All packages are pre-paid and fully insured and are delivered safely on a daily basis from all over the United States. By using the services of Escrow.com Watch Guys is offering the best and most secure way to sell a Rolex online. This service provides trust, confidence, and security for high value transactions. We understand your concern of shipping your watch to a company you have never done business with but now you can be confident your watch and your money are completely safe selling your watch using Escrow.com, a licensed online escrow service. Funds are sent to Escrow.com as soon as the offer is agreed on and then the customer can mail the watch assuring the funds have already been placed and secured in Escrow. Escrow instructions will be emailed to you from Escrow.com. Sell your used Rolex online to Watch Guys.

What Is Escrow?

An escrow is a financial arrangement in which a third party secures and holds in escrow large amounts of money until conditions are agreed by the two transacting parties. This legal process only releases funds when both the Buyer (Watch Guys) and Seller (customer) are 100% satisfied.

This is a smart, safe, and secure way to sell a Rolex watch online. This trusted service is of no cost to seller and completely takes away the risk of selling an expensive timepiece online. All escrow fees, shipping, and insurance are paid for in advance by Watch Guys. Our Rolex watch buyers are prepared to make the selling process a gratifying and stress-free experience. Payments held in escrow are released in 24 hours to buyers the same day your watch arrives and as soon as the price to purchase your watch is finalized. No need to wait 3-7 days, sell your Rolex online today through Escrow.com and you will be happy you did.

Why Use Escrow.com To Sell Your Luxury Watch?

Escrow.com is a safe and secure online escrow payment service with headquarters in San Francisco and licensed to transact payment services in 48 states and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Escrow.com decreases the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted outside party that collects, holds, and only releases funds when the Buyer and Seller are 100% satisfied. For customers looking to sell a Rolex online, it protects the buyer and seller equally. This form of buying and selling luxury watches online leaves no worries as the entire transaction is supervised by Escrow.com. Customers can rest assured that their Rolex and their funds are in secure hands.

Benefits Of Using Escrow.com

Escrow.com protects equally all parties involved in a transaction. People resort to Escrow.com when they need to buy or sell something of value but don’t know the other party, regardless of where the transaction takes place. Customers have used our service to complete transactions for everything.

Using a regulated and licensed service like Escrow.com ensures you have the critical protection you need when buying or selling online.

Seller Protection

Selling goods or services can be risky, especially if they’re highly valuable, because you’ll generally be dealing with people you don’t know or trust.

Using Escrow.com, we verify the Buyer’s identity and verify the funding during the transaction. After the funds are secured, we will notify you when you can ship the item to the Buyer. During this process, you are required to provide us with tracking information. We use this information to make sure the Buyer receives their item and can’t claim otherwise. After the Buyer receives and Accepts the item, Escrow.com releases the funds to you.


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