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Best Places to Buy Diamond Jewelry in Los Angeles

Where Should You Buy Diamond Jewelry in Los Angeles

Here's an informative guide on some of the best places to buy diamond jewelry in Los Angeles, including their respective reputations and online reviews:

  1. WatchGuys: Located at 613 S Hill, Los Angeles, CA 90014 they focus on customer satisfaction and offer a wide range of diamonds and rings for all budget ranges. They offer a varierty of diamond jewelery including tennis bracelets, diamond necklaces, engagement rings, diamond rings, and maintenance services, and have a strong customer rating of 5.0 stars​.

  2. GoldBuyersUSA: With over 4 decades in the industry, they offer a great variety of pre-set engagement ring designs and sets, antiques (Art-Deco, Eduardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Filligree). Their jewelry bear certifications from GIA, EGL and IGI They have a solid customer rating of 5.0 stars.Their rings come in various styles and setting designs. They also offer additional services such as engraving, sizing and resizing, and cleaning and maintenance services. 

  3. IceBanc: Located in the California Jewelry Mart, they specialize in custom watches and diamond jewelry. No matter what gold jewelery or watches you have, IceBanc is world-renowned for their custom diamond services. They are known for only using the best quality diamonds and having a gret reputation in the industry producing the finest quality custom work. 

Best Diamond Jewelry to Buy

The "best" diamond jewelry to buy greatly depends on personal style, budget, and the occasion for which the piece is being purchased. However, here are a few classic pieces that are often considered staples in many jewelry collections:

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings: These are versatile pieces that can be worn with anything from casual attire to formal wear. They come in various sizes and shapes, but round and princess cut diamonds are the most popular.

  2. Diamond Solitaire Necklace: This is a classic piece that features a single diamond on a chain. It's a simple and elegant piece that can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

  3. Diamond Tennis Bracelet: This is a bracelet that features a line of diamonds. It's a timeless piece that's often considered a symbol of luxury.

  4. Diamond Engagement Ring: If you're planning to propose, a diamond engagement ring is often the go-to choice. The most popular styles include solitaire, halo, and three-stone settings.

  5. Diamond Eternity Band: This is a ring that features a continuous line of diamonds all around the band. It's often used as a wedding band or an anniversary ring.

When buying diamond jewelry, always consider the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These factors will determine the quality and value of the diamond. Also, make sure to buy from a reputable jeweler who offers certified diamonds and a solid return policy.

Lastly, it's important to remember that the "best" diamond jewelry is ultimately the one that the wearer loves and feels comfortable wearing. Always consider the personal style and preferences of the person who will be wearing the jewelry.

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