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How Much Is My Rolex Worth

If you are ready to sell your Rolex watch or in the market to buy a pre-owned Rolex, the first question is always: How much is my Rolex watch worth?

This can be a complicated question to answer for some but we will point out a few important factors to consider to help you learn the market value and get the best price for your used Rolex watch. These are the key factors that the experts at WatchGuys look for when we are looking to buy a Rolex watch from you.

Model Number

One of the most important things we consider when valuing a Rolex watch is the model or reference number, which is usually 4-6 digits. This will tell you the year, material used, whether it is made of stainless steel, yellow gold, stainless steel and yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

If your model number also contains letters this also identifies the color of the bezel. The model number can be located between the two lugs of watch at 12 o’clock. The bracelet would need to be taken off to see the model number. If you need help finding it we are always here to help. Count on the Rolex experts at WatchGuys to guide you on this matter.

Serial Number

The serial number is located at 6 o’clock and will tell you the year and age of your Rolex watch. On watches produced after 2005 the serial number is between the crystal and face engraved on the inner circle.

Rolex Market Value

The Rolex brand with its remarkable and successful reputation of producing only the best in quality and style typically command a high resale value like no other luxury watch brand. The most important factor when selling a Rolex watch is to be up-to-date on the current market value (the price that a customer at this time would pay for that particular Rolex model). Supply and demand are major considerations when buying or selling a Rolex. Let WatchGuys research the current demand and present you with a generous offer to buy your Rolex.

In conclusion there are other things to keep in mind when the time has come to sell your Rolex watch like the overall condition and whether you have the original box and paperwork. We will buy your Rolex with or without the box and papers and you can still count on a good price without them. Call us today to find the value of your Rolex at 310-399-2200.


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